Based in Los Angeles by way of the Nutmeg State – PERMANENT ABILITY is the rock/alt/funk brain-child of Emmy Award-winning TV producer Brian Lanese. Heavily influenced by the likes of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, Lanese blends his unique vocal stylings (i.e. yells/raps) with a musical hybrid of funk and amped-up […]


Photo: (NITF/Facebook) We caught wind of NITF somewhere a few months back. And you can say what you will about the seemingly increased popularity in bare bones punk/blues/rock duos (a la WHITE STRIPES, BLACK KEYS, etc.) these days…NOT IN THE FACE is definitely raising the roof with their own unique ramblin’ and rollin’ thing. […]

Go Out. Way Out. WEST.

From the West Side Connection, to the West Side Story…from the Far Country, clean to the Far West…and from the old Wild West, back to how the West was won…there’s plenty of crazy totally far out west rockomania out there to celebrate. If you’re tired of the same old shit, you could always… Go ‘Way […]

Now Hear This: Ten Artists You Gotta Get With Right Now

Here, we’ve collected ten of some of our favorite [relatively] new and/or [perhaps] unheard-of artists and musicians from recent months. While many of these artists are not new to the industry, they are “new” in the sense that we’ve just recently stumbled upon their music. And while some of these artists’ songs may not be […]