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Caught up with Matt Walker from Austin-based shred metallers THE UNMOTHERED recently, for some low-down quick and dirty Q&A. These guys are getting ready for some hot shit SXSW wickedness, and they’ll be playing a killer show with the almighty TRUCKFIGHTERS, EAGLE CLAW, and more this Thursday (March 8th, 2012) at North Door Studios in Austin starting at 9PM (HINT: You will die a very slow and painful horrifying death if you don’t get your ass – and all of your friends’ friends asses – to this show).

RT: How is the new album coming along? What’s the recording process been like?

Matt: The new album has just gone through the mastering phase and is nearly done. There are seven tracks, four from the original self titled release put out last last year and three new songs.

Since then, Joe Barnes has joined us on bass and Matt Moulis (ex Hidden Hand) is now on the kit.

It’s almost like a different band entirely. The songs have really filled-out and are ready to be heard as they should have initially.

We are now just waiting on the album art which should hopefully be ready by early summer.  Andy Sloan who recently worked with Altar of Plagues is doing it, which we are all stoked on. I expect the final product to come together early June.

RT: How does an UNMOTHERED song develop?

Matt: Each is acquired from bartering with the devil, although we’re running out of sacrifices….

RT: Where do you draw some of your heaviest influences – not just as musicians, but also as humans?

Matt: Musically, it’s tough to be original, especially in the “metal” genre, which I am reluctant to use in describing us.  We prefer “haunt rock” – a term we came up with to describe our sound – which draws from stoner/atmospheric/trance elements.  Science is also a backbone of our influence, often times the lyrical content centers on quantum physics and astrophysics.

RT: What do you think about the current state of the social/media web, and its impact on the music industry? What kinds of trends are you seeing perhaps locally versus nationally?

Matt: I miss the CD longbox. Kidding aside, it is sad to see record stores struggling.

RT: Where are some of your favorite places to jam at, around Austin?

Matt: Red River has always been home to us, I fear for its future. Emo’s was the center-piece there. Hopefully it’s not one of several dominoes to fall. Room 710 was also a favorite of mine.

RT: What are some other bands/acts you’ve shared the experience with?

Matt: Had a great time with Fight AmpVBT from San Antonio are buds of ours, as are Boars from Austin. Playing with both mean a hangover the next day. Also looking forward to our show with Wizard Rifle in May.

RT: What’s your favorite drink(s)? Is there a crazy mixer drink you can tell us how to make?

Matt: Irish Whiskey in a glass.

RT: What other hobbies do y’all have outside of music?

Matt: Astronomy, motorcycles, football (UK)

RT: What are some of the biggest challenges you face working together as a new band?

Matt: Differentiating ourselves from the hordes of other bands in the city.  We’re looking to book a tour this summer as well and that has proved also challenging.

RT: Describe the ultimate tour/mates for UNMOTHERED.

Matt: We’re actually talking about hitting the road with Boars, who we’d pair nicely with.  Lions of Tsavo would be another choice but let’s just say it’s complicated.

RT: You get to spend happy hour with three deceased rock stars for a day. Who would they be?

Matt: Mieszko Talarczyk of Nasum, Quorthon, James Hetfield (he died in 1991 and was replaced with a robot).

RT: Recommend three other bands you like/are listening to – that we should check out.

Matt: YOB, Castevet (from Brooklyn), Young Widows.

RT: Give us an idea of what the rest of 2012 will look like for UNMOTHERED…

Matt: A June tour is the first thing on the list after the release of the record. After that – who knows. Let’s hope more time on the road, some label support would be great.

RT: What’s the best way to find you/keep in touch with the band?

Matt: unmotheredmusic [at] gmail [dot] com


For videos and more UNMOTHERED, go HERE.



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