FLASHBACK: The Greatest 4-Song EP Of All Time?

There’s just something entirely different altogether about their first few records. Tim’s licks are hellaciously heavier (although Pitchfork included additional guitar work by Mark Stanley and Scott Crawford). Neil’s vocals are edge-ier (read: a lot more pissed-off). And on Pitchfork especially, it sounds like JP is smashing away at a kitchen-room full of busted pots and pans instead of a set of skins. LOVE IT.

We all know the band was a little “heavier” back in their youth (not that they aren’t heavy today…but perhaps a different blues-ier heavy). And it all got started back in ’91 with the 4-Song EP Pitchfork as the band’s first initial standard release (the band has since re-released Pitchfork & Lost Needles together and combines the original 4 tracks from the 7″, along with three un-released demos, another early un-released track, and two studio outtakes from Robot Hive/Exodus).

Pitchfork was recorded by Larry Packer at Uncle Punchy Studios in Silver Springs, MD (right around the corner from the grand-folk) in October 1991. The album was originally called ‘Far Country.’

I know a lot of CLUTCH fans who have first discovered the band at different times along the band’s journey. It’s always a little tough trying to suggest where to start, as the band’s music has certainly changed and evolved over the years (believe it or not, the band actually once cited BAD BRAINS and many early D.C. area punk bands as early influences). I generally tell most people – just start from the beginning and enjoy the journey. 

Click HERE to find Pitchfork & Lost Needles on iTunes. However you decide to spin it, I’m pretty sure it was meant to be spun louder than hell. Just be careful on those eardrums.

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