The MIDNIGHT EVILS were a garage/punk rawk band based in Minneapolis, MN from 1999 – 2005. During their six years together, the group lost a guitar player and a singer before finishing out with Curan Folsum on bass, Stevie Cooper on lead guitar, Jesse Tomlinson on drums and Brian Vanderwerf (Vandy) also on guitar. The band recorded three full-length LPs during their run together, and also appeared on a handful of killer compilations.

If you dig that kind of NEW BOMB TURKS, HELLACOPTERS, TEENGENERATE (or any of those old school Estrus Records bands) brand of high-speed punk rawk n’ roll, you’ll want to get your ears on some of these records.

MIDNIGHT EVILS released two 7-inch singles on Dart Records (“Powerhead” and “Ain’t Got Time For Love”) before releasing their first self-titled full-length in 2001. The band then signed to Estrus Records in 2003, and released Straight ‘Til Morning (2003) and Breakin’ It Down (2005) on that label. The band also showed-up on a handful of killer compilation recordings including:

“Loaded and Lonely” was also featured on the Tony Hawk’s Underground Soundtrack (below).

MIDNIGHT EVILS kicked a pile of ass during their run together, and won a couple of “Best Rock Band” honors, locally, in Minneapolis. They often recorded with Tim Kerr in Austin, TX at the Sweatbox and also worked with legendary knob-twisters Mike Vasquez and Bryan Nelson on recording/engineering. The band also did a couple of tours through Europe, along with several runs across the U.S.

Not entirely sure where/what these guys are up to, nowadays. But if you’re a fan of that kind of killer low-down and dirty “gunk punk” brand of rawk n’ roll, highly recommend digging up some of their old records.

As Mark mentions in this bitchin’ review of Straight ‘Til Morning over on Pop Matters -

“If you like AC/DC, Motörhead, Aerosmith, Nazareth, the ‘Mats, Ten Years After, or trucker speed, well you’re gonna drink this up like a second case of porch Schlitz.”

And Chooglin’ swears MIDNIGHT EVILS were “hands down one of Minnesota’s mightiest rock bands of the 2000′s.”

Rawk & Roll ain’t noise pollution.


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